List of High Calorie Foods For Kids 2020

Is your little toddler a fussy eater and are you always worried about how he might not gain weight because he does not eat well? Have you tried different recipe ideas but are still not able to make him eat well?

If you are worried about your kid’s overall health and diet, maybe it is time to add some super foods that are high in calories. Read on to know about our top five picks that will be just right for your kid.

Top 5 High Calorie Foods For Kids:

Here are five high calorie foods for kids to include in his diet that will provide him with all the energy he needs!

1. Make Him Say Yes To Protein:
Try giving your toddler from the following food categories which are the high calorie foods:

Whole milk yogurt.
Cheese slices.
Small meatballs.
Homemade Breaded chicken fingers.
Homemade Breaded fish fingers.
Cut meats and meat slices.
Flavored Milk of your kid’s choice.
Homemade Pudding popsicles.

2. Egg Him On To Eat Better:
Add eggs to your kid’s diet by trying out the following:

Add boiled egg in his regular salads.
Make homemade French toasts by dipping the bread in an egg mix that also contains milk cream. Make sure you cook it in butter.
Add hard boiled eggs to various meals that your kid has on a regular basis. Add it to sandwiches, rice, and other dishes.
While making scrambled eggs, pack them with calories by using butter to cook it.

3. Make Your Kid Say Cheese:
Let your kid have cheese in various forms on a regular basis:

Give your kid crackers for snacks and top it up with cheese slices. You can also give him string cheese to eat along with other snacks.
For desserts, give your kids items that contain cheese, like Danish cheesecake and the like.
Add grated cheese in your kid’s daily meals. Add them to sauces, vegetables, pasta, salads, sandwiches, baked vegetables, potatoes and more.
4. Make Fruits And Vegetables A Must-Have:
Fruits and vegetables play an important role in adding calories to your kid’s diet:

Bananas and avocados.
Dried fruits like apricots, raisins and such.
Slices of papaya and mango.
Cucumber slices with a sour cream dip or a ranch sauce dip.
Peas, broccoli florets, carrots, etc. topped with cheese slices or grated cheese.
Fried onion rings, mushrooms, eggplant, and zucchini.
Pan fried potatoes and homemade fries or wedges.

5. Make Starch His Staple Diet:
Include calorie-rich starchy foods in your kid’s diet along with his favorite spreads and dips:

Make Pasta in olive oil or butter.
Bread sticks served with hummus dip.
Potato salad served along with a mayonnaise dip or baked potato topped with butter.
Homemade French Fries or Tater Tots.
Crackers served with cheese slices.
Mini bagels served with cream cheese.
Desserts like muffins, donuts, cakes, raisin or banana bread, croissants.
French toast topped with honey or butter, pancakes, and homemade waffles.
Tips To Help Your Kid Eat Better:
Making your toddler eat a healthy diet and at regular meal times is a task, but try these following points to help your kid eat better:

Always make sure your kid has some solid food before having any liquids. It will ensure he does not end up filling his tummy by sipping mostly on liquids.
Avoid giving water him while he has his meals.
Use lots of butter and cream while preparing meals for him to give him calories through regular and healthy foods that he likes and has.
Give your kid meals at regular times to reduce his snacking. Munching through the day may make him feel full and avoid meals.
Try out the above high calorie snacks groups to help your hyperactive kid remain energetic through the day.

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